The Illusionist 魔幻视界 !!!

忙了将近三个月时间 魔幻视界终于拍摄完毕!

剧内我饰演著名魔术师 -王沺裁饰- 的助手 小鬼

一心想成为跟师傅一样出色的魔术师 紧跟在师傅身边学习 但是…

终于有表现自己的机会了 但是…

爱上一位心地善良又漂亮的女生 但是…

有喜欢自己的女生 但是…

三月一日起 周日晚十点 U频道 请大家支持收看!

The Illusionist 魔幻视界


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7条回应 to “The Illusionist 魔幻视界 !!!”

  1. Twilight Says:

    Hi Jerry =D

    Saw you during the CNY visitation, such a pleasant surprise! Looking forward to this new 作品of yours =D think its quite a fresh attempt for this new role of yours, i supposed more bubbly, innocent and cute..hehe… I suppose with more attempts at a variety of roles would give you opportunities to polish up on your already-good acting skills. I like your acting! And want to say that 我很欣赏 your down-to earth attitude towards your studies, career and people, very humble and appreciative…its not something that anybody can maintain. 要加油哦!

  2. jerryyeo Says:

    hi Twilight! thank you for the assurance! sometimes i wonder if what i do and what i believe in are absolutely right.. thanks for telling me how you feel about it. =) you saw me at CNY visitation? where? =)

  3. Twilight Says:

    hi! at a relative’s place, though I don’t think you would remember lah. ultra surprised that we are related in a way, but pretty far…haha.. Anyway, not important lah =) oh, did i forget to say that I like your natural stint of humor…wonder if anyone ever commented to you on that.. =D

    • jerryyeo Says:

      hehe u wanna tell me exactly where we met? anyway my humour… some people like it some people not i guess.. =p glad u do.

      • Twilight Says:

        Hi Weilie!

        Just saw your reply =) Congrats on your win last saturday!! I was beaming when they announced your name =)) Think its a really really memorable award for you hor? Your first award in showiz after Star Search yah?

        All the best for nx Saturday’s award! Sometimes I feel, its the process in creation that matters more than the I think you have already done yourself proud already =) but of cos, getting the award is definitely a bonus! Jiayou jiayou!

  4. Alicia Min Says:


  5. Alicia Min Says:

    don give up …. working hard…..


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