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请投我一票! Please Vote for Me!

7 三月, 2010

2010年 红星大奖 网上投选活动已经开始了!

我入围了 “最喜爱男角色” 和 “最难忘电视大反派” 奖项

如果您觉得 阿翔 或则 叶仁德 是您最喜爱的男角色 请您上网投珍贵一票!

如果您觉得 叶仁德 是您最难忘电视大反派 再请您上网投珍贵一票!

听说每人每日可为每个奖项投选一票 以目前来看还有50+天 有两个奖项也就是说每人可为我投100+珍贵票票!


网址是 请点击 “网上投选 (Online Voting)” 在选择奖项分类

我自己投了 叶仁德最喜爱男角色 呵呵

Star Awards 2010 Online Voting has started!

I am nominated for “Favourite Male Character” and “Most Unforgettable TV Villain” awards

If you think  Ah-Xiang or Ye Ren De is your favouriate male character, please vote for me please!!

If you think Ye Ren De is your most unforgettable TV Villain, please vote for me please!!

The URL of the microsite is Click on “Online Voting” and then choose the award to vote for!

I voted for Ye Ren De as favourite male character. Muahahaha.

This is the first time I blogged in all the languages I know.. see how much it matters to me?

这是我首次以双语文写文章 因为真的很需要大家的支持

先在这里谢谢大家 希望我的角色为大家带来了快乐

Regardless, I want to thank you all! I hope that my characters have brought you pleasure.